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Chicago Authentic Chinese Massage and Reflexology
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Chinese 推拿 tuī ná Massage

  • Chinese Tui na Massage, including reflexology, is a 3000 Year old therapy and art form. Its techniques have been refined over 30 centuries. Tui na massage is our specialty. However, all of our masseuses are highly trained in other styles and techniques as well.
  • TRY OUR REFLEXOLOGY -- NOW ONLY $45.00 PER HOUR! We have the best reflexologists in Chicago -- direct from China! Give us a try and you'll feel an inch taller and a year younger! Even a half hour will be beneficial; however, one hour is standard. FEEL WELL -- RIGHT NOW!!
  • Tui Na massage is our other specialty. It is Deep Tissue by default. Please let the therapist know if they are applying too much pressure. We use the same pressure points as acupuncture, of course without the needles.
  • We also offer Chinese Fusion -- Traditional Deep Tissue -- Reflexology -- Traditional Swedish -- and we provide a great chair massage.
  • Let our dancing fingers take you to heaven -- Call 312-643-8688 and make YOUR Appointment NOW!

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Street Level Entrance at 1118 N LaSalle.

Free Parking on East side of LaSalle.

Metered Parking on Elm and Maple.

Appointments Requested but not Required. Appointment guarantees availability.

Walk ins welcome -- Availability not guaranteed.

Call 312-643-8688 -- FAX 312-643-1465

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Click here to arrange for aesthetician or acupuncture services via email, or call 312-643-8688.

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Chicago Authentic Chinese Massage and Reflexology
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